COGCC Rule 609

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission recently released the new regulatory rule, Rule 609, which speaks directly to proper baseline water sampling and monitoring processes for Oil and Gas wells in the state of Colorado.

Rule 609 does not apply to wells that are regulated under certain rules such as Rule 608.b and 318A.e(4) which are promulgated prior to the effective date of Rule 609 that proved for groundwater testing.

Water sampling under Rule 609 mandates that initial baseline samples and continued monitoring need to collected from all available water sources. This includes a maximum of a 4 mile radius and within a one-half mile radius or the proposed Well or Dedicated Injection site.

The operator selects four locations based on Proximity, type of water source, orientation of sampling, multiple identified aquifers that have been identified, and the condition of the water source.

The first sampling needs to be taken a minimum of 12 months prior to setting a conductor pipe or commencement of drilling a Dedicated Injection Well and subsequent monitoring needs to be conducted 10-72 months following the completion of the well.

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To read the full COGCC guidelines of Rule 609, please Click Here.